Our Story

The YUME brand was created in 2015. Constantinos Kyriacou co-founder (2015) and sole owner since 2019, is in constant search of the best materials and an absolute balance between practicality and aesthetics. He refers to beauty as an ultimate state of being:

“Beauty is like silence…say nothing to describe it!”

Constantinos Kyriacou, Co-Founder, 2015

Every attempt to design is for him a dive into the depths of his mind and feelings.

YUME ("dream" in Japanese) started because of a dream and the passion to realise it and
represents "easy living" within harmony and aesthetics. YUME is both the dream and the
medium with which to reach the dream.

The designs are based on traditional eastern garments, infused with Japanese simplicity,
alchemised with the perception of aesthetics and harmony of Constantinos Kyriacou.

He is a jewellery designer with numerous commissions and exhibitions of contemporary jewellery worldwide since 1994. He studied in Florence, and contributed to important editions of contemporary jewellery and art books during the last 17 years.

He was selected among the 40 designers in the world by Thames and Hudson to present his work in a book about collecting contemporary jewellery (Collect Contemporary: Jewellery -2012).

Amongst other commissions, he  designed the Millennium jewellery collection spring/summer haute couture 1999 for YVES SAINT LAURENT. 

“The centres I focus my attention on, around which I search and move, and between which I oscillate, are two: the ‘self’ and the ‘other’.

It is from the shifting of my attention to points across the whole spectrum between them that all this friction of thoughts and emotions is produced, a friction which will eventually materialise into being. The correlations between the ‘self’ and the ‘other’ are infinite, and so are the interactions between them.”

Constantinos Kyriacou, Co-Founder, 2021