Vibrational Frequency of Linen - A Fabric of Higher Consciousness

Vibrational Frequency of Linen - A Fabric of Higher Consciousness

Being students of higher vibrations and clean living we have sought to find information that enables us to identify elements and information that supports us to live optimally as human beings, reducing energy depletion and maximising our life span and positive impact on the planet. 

Elena and Alejandro ( have discovered a method to identify the vibrational frequency or soul signature of people, places and things in order to support us to distinguish truth vs falsehood, to help us identify what is true and right for us and what is not. 

They use scalar technology to investigate the vibrational frequencies and various other aspects like alignment to divine and soul purpose. 

In this video they reveal the frequencies of various fabrics including the vibrational frequency of linen. 

In our previous blog we referred to the Frequency of Linen Study using a different method. 

Today we want to support our love and commitment to Linen using the Study of Elena and Alejandro. 

The technology that they use is double blind and variables are confirmed once they both independently reach the same result. 

If you are aware of the book Power vs Force: The hidden determinants of Human behaviour you will understand that everything can be calibrated according to a level of consciousness - a frequency. Anything above 200 is life affirming and anything below 200 brings weakness and energy drain to the body. 



The Vibrational Frequency of Linen: 
Linen Calibrates at a frequency of 400 along with silk. Organic cotton is at a frequency of 310 along with Organic Hemp. 

You do not want to be putting your body anywhere near polyester, Nylon, rayon, (all vibrating at 20) satin or lace (both at a 50 signature). 

A troubling effect also mentioned in the previous study as well as in ancient texts is that mixing material such as wool and linen bring the vibration down to 10 -very very low! 

It seems to harm the electromagnetic field of the person who is wearing them. 

Stick to clean linen YUME fabrics on your body and you are more than good! 

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