Kaftan for Beginners

Kaftan for Beginners

Kaftan is a term known to many in the fashion world, but due to its common usage, it is not entirely clear to some people. In this Kaftan Starter's Guide, we share information to help clarify what timeless clothing is.

A brief history about Kaftans

The term, known as luxury fashion clothing, is recognized worldwide and has generally been associated with royalty since Ottoman times. At the time, the Ottoman-style Kaftan displayed individuality and unique craftsmanship through the use of exotic fabrics and stately decorations. Similar variants of the Tunic style attire was then seen across the Middle East, parts of Africa and Russia too. Clearly, this was a symbol of just how comfortable and stylish this garment was and has since stood the test of time. Fast forward to the 1970`s and kaftan as a garment was popularized for its comfort appeal and colorful prints with the hippie generation of the time and the likes of celebrities such as Elizabeth Taylor draped in designer kaftans.

This later became mainstream with other noted designers including Kaftans as part of their summer season lines, making kaftans (and especially beach kaftan dresses) a womenswear staple for those going on holiday and generally lounging around at the beach or by a pool. Normally made with bright, colorful & unique print designs referencing traditional West, Southwest and South Asian cultures fused with on trend color palettes & styles, these modern colorful outfits has begun to transcend use not only as resort only fashion items but as occasion wear items and day-to-day wear as well. We will now dig a little deeper into the basics of kaftan itself and mitigate any additional issues you may encounter when first wearing kaftan with some suggested style tips that will make it easier.


Many people are afraid of getting lost in Kaftan. Unlike traditional "free size" kaftans, we offer kaftans that fit perfectly. This means we match the size chart you suggested to your measurements and you can choose styles from S (small) to XL (extra large). This will accentuate your figure without sacrificing style.

Reflecting Your Favorite Style

Kaftans were typically for spa and home wear with a loose fit. As leaders in this field, we have created many complementary categories to help new buyers like you find a caftan that suits your needs.

These include a great variety of different garments that you can find them very easily just by browsing our shop.  

Kaftan is for all occasions.

Material Kaftans is synonymous with comfort, so choosing the right material can make a big difference. That's why we use the finest linen cotton to ensure maximum breathability and comfort that will keep you addicted after your first experience.


The Kaftan may seem simple at first glance, but it is a very versatile piece of clothing. And now, given the variety of kaftans being produced, complement your style with suitable bags, necklaces, belts and shoes depending on the image you want to create. We guarantee that there is a kaftan to match any look you want to reflect. As you may already know, the Kaftan is versatile, stylish and comfortable.

As a newcomer to the world of Kaftan, we hope to alleviate some of the fear of first-time shoppers, and we look forward to your first Kaftan experience with us!

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