Interview with Constantinos - how he created the YUME Kaftan and how he likes to wear his Kaftan

Interview with Constantinos - how he created the YUME Kaftan and how he likes to wear his Kaftan


What inspired you to create YUME?

"I love the idea of being free, internally and externally, and one evening I saw a film with a man wearing a Kaftan and it all came together for me. The Kaftan was a missing piece in my life not only as a piece of clothing but also as a symbol of freedom. It allowed me to move away from the modern day material definition of freedom and experience the joy of freedom within myself." 

How did you bring this dream into reality?  

"The dream of freedom and the necessity to have a Kaftan in my wardrobe led to the creation of the brand. I had no reference to start from so I had to experiment with different patterns, fabrics and designs that would represent the highest quality and absolute freedom. After a number of design attempts, imagination, dreaming and exploration I arrived at the aesthetics and design of YUME as we know it today."


What is your message to other artists or creatives? 

Creativity is not only for artists and creatives. It is for everyone. I believe every human being should allow themselves the space and freedom to express their creativity no matter how it looks. “Beauty is like silence…say nothing to describe it”


How do you love to wear your Kaftan?  

I just put it on! That’s it. And that is the simplicity of it.



About Constantinos:

Constantinos is a jewellery designer with numerous commissions and exhibitions of contemporary jewellery worldwide since 1994. He studied in Florence, and contributed to important editions of contemporary jewellery and art books during the last 17 years.

He was selected among the 40 designers in the world by Thames and Hudson to present his work in a book about collecting contemporary jewellery (Collect Contemporary: Jewellery -2012).

Amongst other commissions, he  designed the Millennium jewellery collection spring/summer haute couture 1999 for YVES SAINT LAURENT.


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