Hunting for the perfect Caftan

Hunting for the perfect Caftan!


We know, choosing the right caftan for your needs can be a real pain! So, we wanted to make things a little bit easier that’s why we can share with you those 5 simple tips for the perfect caftan!

  1. Fabric matters

Where to you plan to wear your caftan? Is it a casual meeting, an excursion or maybe your everyday outfit? A caftan made of silk or another natural fabric is definitely a great pick for all of the above occasions.

  1. Find the length that suits you

A medium-length, printed Caftan is much more preferred for a day in the office, especially when teamed up with a pair of leggings while a short caftan is an excellent choice for a casual outing. On the other hand, the long Caftan (at least, mid-calf length – floor-length dresses add more style and class, though) can be worn at a formal function, such as a beach wedding or a cocktail party.

  1. Bag? Sure!

Caftan looks a bit oversized. Since the trick is to have harmony and balance, small purses and bags (for a casual look), as well as clutches (for an evening party or formal occasions) go well with it. If you need to wear a bag, pick one that matches the colour of your dress.

  1. The Right Shoes

A pair of nude heels looks fantastic when teamed with a caftan. The great thing about kaftans is that you can wear them with whatever shoe you wish, from wedge sandals to a pair of high heels, depending on the look you want to achieve. Of course, it is probably wise not to wear a silk caftan with wedges or luxurious silver high heels with a cotton caftan.

  1. Accessories

Some elegant pieces of jewellery can make you look more sophisticated in your caftan. Needless to say, if the caftan already has shiny embellishments, better avoid overdoing it with jewellery that make a loud statement, such as heavy, long neck pieces or earrings. Instead, a chic watch, ring, belt or small pearl earrings that look great regardless of the occasion you wear them for, are safe and stylish choices. On the other hand, if your caftan is rather plain with no fancy prints, you can upgrade your look with a sleek necklace and/or a subtle bracelet.

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