Honouring the Divine Feminine for International Women's Day

Honouring the Divine Feminine for International Women's Day

On the 8th of March the world celebrates international women's day. 

Here at YUME, we are not celebrating a specific woman nor any specific achievement that women have made. We don’t participate in any movement or group. 

We celebrate the source of all feminine accomplishments

We celebrate the Divine Feminine which permeates all that is and that which is not ;-). 

The feminine is the necessary polar opposite of the masculine. 

They are complementary and counterbalancing opposites each having their own gift and contribution to the world. 

We celebrate what the feminine is in its nature. 

The divine mother.

She exists in all of us. She finds herself in every living thing. 

The energy that opens up the womb and makes available the space for creation to happen.

As the masculine is the seed of creation, the feminine is the womb of creation. 

We honour the feminine, active in all of our lives, that offers nourishment, creativity, warmth and space.  

Take a moment to step into the feminine space and enjoy the nourishment she has to offer. 

It is intense inside her. It is chaotic. It is deep and profound. 


When the master alchemist provides purpose for her, she opens up and bears her divine gifts to the world. 

This is the space where YUME sources its creations… 

Divine inspiration in every garment and every piece of art ready for the master to craft the next expression… 


Wishing you a joyful celebration of the women in your life, the feminine in you, the divine mother present in us all. 

May you find many creative expressions of her spirit. 


The images are courtesy of Constantinos Red 2007 Collection.  

“I was led to create this collection, not by passion itself as it can be exposed, nor by its absense. But its existence as an inner “in-formation” struggling to be expressed.” Constantinos Kyriacou

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